So What Exactly Is Tax Auction Investing?

Hi, I’m Dutch Mendenhall and Tax Auction Investors is a real estate company where Tax Liens and Deeds are our preferred method of investing.

There are a fair amount of “get rich quick guys” out there, you have to be wary of anyone who claims you can make thousands (or millions) by only investing a tiny amount of money.

On the other hand, we work with professionals, executives, those working toward retirement, business owners looking to invest capital, and those who are simply tired of the market. What sets us apart is how we teach reality through planned work and consistent efforts; we keep it real and hope you appreciate our commitment to transparency!


How Do Tax Auctions Work?

Tax auction investing is a road with two paths. There are tax liens that can be directly purchased and there are also tax deeds. We primarily go the route of tax deeds.

A tax deed is sold after a tax lien has run its course and a tax foreclosure has completed; this typically occurs when someone dies, doesn’t pay taxes, or has problems with addiction or mental health.

Tax deeds require a higher level of investment than tax liens. They also come with higher earning potential. Once you purchase a tax deed, you can almost immediately earn rental income and leverage the asset to cycle your money faster.

With me so far? This topic can get a bit complex, so always feel free to post in the comments for any clarifications.

Within the United States, there are 28 states, Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands which allows liens to be sold to private investors (like you and me) and about $6 billion in liens that come up for sale each year.

Let me repeat, there is $6 BILLION in open market real estate that you can purchase, typically at a bargain price depending on the state of the property and location!

So let’s say I bid at a county auction on a tax lien and win. What happens next? The local government gets its cash immediately and the buyer (me) gets the right to collect the delinquent tax, a penalty, and interest on the late payments.

How We Help You

Tax Auction Investors is a powerhouse team of 40 individuals who aren’t afraid to go after deals and we also have a robust online community, which includes students who have ventured on journey with us and found their way to success.

There’s typically pretty stiff competition for liens from lien investment funds and money managers and individual investors, so we’re here to teach you how to navigate the entire process and snag a great investment property!

Everyone has their own unique path to be able to invest and succeed in investing and by taking advantage of our various education resources and services, we propel those who are actively looking for investment opportunities to build wealth and gain financial freedom.

Planning for the future is an investment in your sustained livelihood, we have an exact blueprint to get you there. We are confident in our thorough step-by-step process, from pulling the initial list of properties to winning the final bid, Tax Auction Investors is here to help you craft a career in real estate investing and we can’t wait to have you join our team!


– Dutch

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