Celebrate National Read A Book Day with Building Generational Wealth

Happy National Read A Book Day everybody!! Building Generational Wealth is a book my partner, Randle Bowling, and I collaborated on over the past few months. It is a short, fun read that focuses on building the proper foundation and developing a healthy relationship with money.

Building Generational Wealth is the first book in our two book series. We highly recommend that you read this book first, and then follow it up with Tax Auctions
by the Numbers.

This book was written as a very entertaining read to give you strategies and suggestions to solve personal financial problems over your lifetime. Building Generational Wealth uses real life strategies that we follow and advocate for our students in a light-hearted way to help you relate and find the success that you deserve.

We all like to sit back and believe that our prosperity is at the hands of others. But truth be told, we are the leaders in our own fight for prosperity. Our primary goal with this book is to make you believe in that one fact and inspire you to be bigger and better than you are presently by demonstrating the basic principles to make money, save money and make that money grow for you.

Watch the video above and get your copy today!!

If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with our team, then text “AUCTION” to 909.344.5272 and we will be more than happy to discuss all of the possibilities with you!

– Dutch

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