Real Estate Investor Explains Eviction Process

Watch as Dory explains the eviction process and how he turned a scary situation (where he was threatened with his life) around!

Every state and county has a different protocol for handling evictions. The process begins with a notice informing the tenants to pay their taxes within a certain amount of time, or we will start legal proceedings.

At that point, if we don’t receive payment, then we continue the eviction process. At this point, we would get a court date for your eviction date. If the tenant doesn’t show up, it’s a default judgment in our favor. This helps expedite things substantially.

In this scenario, we get another court date with a Rent & Possession. Once obtained, you have to go with a court official (i.e. sheriff) to go take possession of the property.

However, laws for taking possession of a property vary from state to state. In Texas, you can remove the person’s property immediately. However, in Philly, the tenant gets 10 days to remove their belongings from the premises.

Now, if the tenant does show up to the court date, then we try to work out an agreement in mitigation. Most importantly, at the cornerstone of this process, we always treat others with dignity and respect!

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– Dutch

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