Evaluate and Negotiate Better Deals with MORE Profit for You

Property Evaluation is one of the biggest pitfalls newer investors fail at. This section can save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, in a single deal. If you fail to evaluate a deal correctly, you could lose money.

That’s why we give you a step-by-step checklist for EVERY property evaluated. This checklist saves you time because it’s a system that keeps you protected from losing money on deals.

You are also shown how to research the neighborhood so you’re making sound investments in the RIGHT areas.

Next, you are shown how to negotiate BETTER deals. You will quickly see the psychological mindset of sellers and how to ensure their needs are provided for while securing your profits. Pay close attention here because these negotiation secrets add $1,000’s to 10,000’s MORE PROFIT on every single deal.

Plus, you’ll understand WHY and WHEN to use a “Take Away’ to get the deal you want and ensure you have your profits built in. Without the “Take Away” you can often lose money by getting into deals that aren’t in YOUR best interest.

This isn’t a charity. This is a business to escape the rat race and claim your financial freedom. We are here to show you the steps that put 4-figure and 5-figure paychecks in your bank account, and enable you to retire with all the cash flow you choose.

Make sure to check out this video and please feel free to call us at 909.344.5272 with any questions!

Thanks for reading and for being a part of the TAI Community!

– Dutch

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