The Best Way To Evaluate a Tax Sale Property!

How do you know if a house is worth bidding on when you can’t even get inside?!

Well, the evaluation actually begins before you even arrive at the property. There are several ways you can gauge if a house will be worth bidding on at auction despite the fact that you may never even gain access inside the home.

Driving The Properties

· Route4Me is a route planning system that saves you time and money

· It finds the most efficient route between several different points

Evaluating Properties

· Search for places to work, eat, shop etc.

· Are there nice homes and cars in the neighborhood?

· Seek out any schools or colleges nearby

Examine The Exterior

· If you see anything wrong outside the property, assume the interior is 2-5x worse

· For every single sign of a DIY repair, assume there are 10 more that you don’t see

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– Dutch

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