Does Having Money Really Make Life Easier?

As the age-old saying goes, money doesn’t always buy happiness or make life easier, right? But is that necessarily true? Money can secure numerous advantages including magnificent homes, luxury cars, health benefits, travel and leisure, education and peace of mind. However, is it a state of mind in which some acquire wealth while others don’t?

“People who should be in good financial shape may not be, often because the decisions they make aren’t aligned with their future financial needs,” says Luke Landes, a speaker and personal finance writer at Consumerism Commentary.

Many are always living in a disempowered state – stuck in their own fears of success, power, and accomplishment. I believe that even if you handed over $5 million to someone who was struggling financially, five years down the road that same person would be in the same poor economic situation they started out to begin with.

However, on the flip side if you hand that same cash over to a wealthy individual, most likely they would invest wisely and multiply the funds several times over!

So doesn’t money just accelerate who you already really are? It simply allows you to further progress your true identity. If you calculate the average income an individual earns over the span of their lifetime, most will earn over a million dollars, but very few will become millionaires.

“Most people spend some money, pay their bills and save what’s left. And that’s backwards: You should be saving for your financial goals first, paying your bills and then consider spending the money you have leftover,” says Nancy Butler, a Certified Financial Planner.

Perhaps the difference between the rich and the poor isn’t based on luck or opportunity. Maybe it all begins with a shift in the way we think about money which can make the biggest difference of all. Thank you again for being a member of our TAI Community!

– Dutch Mendenhall


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