The 3 Rules Of Clearing Title

I’m sure you have either heard of, or even lived through the war stories of trying to close on a tax sale property only to find out that all of the interested parties weren’t notified so there is a cloud in the title.

When you purchase property at a tax sale most of the liens are going to get wiped out by the tax sale process, but not all of them! For that reason, we’ve created 3 simple rules that we like to follow when trying to get a clear title.

1) Get somebody else to pay for your lien – That somebody else is the county itself. Now, it never works in every single county, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask in your county.

2) Time heals everything – Many liens have statutes of limitations such as IRS liens.

3) Fight it, don’t pay it! There are times when something as simple as a paperwork error can clear the title.

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– Dutch

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