3 Ways To Succeed With Real Estate Investing In 2018

Real Estate Investing has changed a lot over the last couple decades. Techniques that worked for investors in 2003, or 2009 will likely not work today. As such, we are constantly learning and adapting to the changing landscape and market shifts that come our way. We evolve our strategies for what works best in the now, rather than forcing a comfortable routine that just doesn’t work anymore.

To be successful in this industry you have to know how to hustle, but even more important than working hard, is being able to work smart. Being able to extract more value from lower amounts of energy is the goal, and our only job as educators is to give you the tools to make more money, faster.

Here’s 3 things you can do to improve your real estate portfolio this year, and start setting yourself up for even bigger profits in 2019.

Network & Learn With A Team Of Mentors
The more you learn, the more you earn. The phrase holds true especially with real estate, most agents doing deals on their own and staying isolated from other agents, or not attending conferences & webinars to learn the latest methods are only holding themselves back from reaching their true potential. Get access to a local group of mentors that can help you boost your efforts, and make sure your time is spent wisely. If you don’t have a local group of real estate investors, we recommend looking online, and joining our Facebook group. Get involved, ask questions, and keep learning!

Purchase Properties At A Discount At County Auctions
Buying a house worth $100k for just $40k. Sound too good to be true? These are the kinds of deals you can find at a local auction, houses that have defaulted or been foreclosed, and get put up for tax auctions in your city are sitting ripe for the picking. Being able to spot these deals before they go up to auction is hugely important also, because it lets you get in on the ground floor and talk to the owners before their houses go up for sale. This can lead you to massive discounts on the price of a home, with some houses going for 60-70% of the ARV. If saving money on a purchase, and making back huge profits on your sale sounds interesting, we recommend checking out our Live Auction Experience

Pay People To Do Deals For You
Life would be much more simple if we could just throw money at all our problems right? Sometimes, it doesn’t work like that. Thankfully for Real Estate Investors, there is the option to have people source & manage deals for you. Through programs like the Inner Circle, you can invest safely into deals that are 100% taken care of for you. All you do is put your money in when it’s needed, and collect your profit once the deal is closed. With the Inner Circle, you can cycle your money every 3 months, gaining up to 30% in profit EACH cycle. You can do the math and figure out how much that nets you in the end. If you aren’t familiar with the Inner Circle or how you can get deals 100% Done-For-You, check out this webinar replay where we explain the entire process

There’s lots of tricks & tips we can give you, but the reality of it is that your success comes down to your own work ethic, and your ability to adapt. Things are going to change, the markets will shift, and what works today may not work tomorrow. But as long as you consistently try, and make sure you put your best efforts into your deals, then you’ll get the results you deserve.

Get in touch with us to learn more and see how you can improve your real estate portfolio, and fill in the missing gaps with a family of investors just like you.

– Dutch


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