Inner Circle & The Power of Mentorship

[Applications to join the Inner Circle program are open, from 8/9 – 8/28/201. Click here to apply!]

In the last few years, we’ve purchased a whopping $20 million worth of real estate across the United States. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about not only what it takes to run an investment & real estate fund, but also what it means to be a mentor to those around you. Our students, the amazing members of the TAI family that attend auction trips with us, were always filled with questions as well as their own insight on deals and the cities we did them in. At the same time, there was a lingering hesitation, and a questionable amount of doubt whenever it came time for our baby birds to fly from the nest.

While doing these deals on auction trips with our students, they wanted to know we were all in with them too. That we weren’t just leading them to make a huge purchase for the sake of making a purchase, but that we really believed in both them, and the numbers behind the deal. “Put your money where your mouth is” comes to mind when we think back about what it was that spurred us to create a program like the Inner Circle. We knew that it was the logical next step not only in our growth as educators, but also for our students to get the comfort and safety they desired when jumping into the real estate business.

The Inner Circle is our private group of elite investors who believe in their real estate career, and wanted to take the next step in advancing themselves as investors and property owners. When a new inner circle member joins the group, they instantly get access to our nation-wide network of investors, homebuyers, sellers, agents, rehab & construction teams, as well as our own liason staff here at TAI. Not only do they get the access, but we start cycling them through our deals catalog weekly, so they get fresh leads and profitable opportunities hand picked and delivered to them, dramatically reducing the amount of time they’d spend finding them on their own.

Being a member of the Inner Circle program is a lot like having an automated assistant to make money on your behalf. We bring the deals to you, you tell us if you like it, if you do then we put your name down and then get to work. From there, we take it from purchase, through rehab, to sale. You collect your check, and that’s it! At the same time, you get to learn more about the business from those of us with over a decades worth of experience, and meet up with us every few months for awesome members-only retreats. Check out some of the photos from our last retreat in July, when we took members out to Las Vegas for a 3 day mastermind:

It’s incredible what you can achieve together when you work with the right people, and even more incredible what kind of deals you can find when you know where to look. The Inner Circle is all about efficiency, and maximizing profits without the headache of getting lost in the details and day to day hustle. We make your money work for you, better and faster than any other team out there, bar none. Part of this is our 100% success rate – other gurus and real estate teams out there can’t say they have a guaranteed 100% rate of success for their students, but we can. Every single one of our members has made money on deals, some have increased their profits by up to 30% in just 3 months of working with us. The results we’re seeing from not only our unique approach to property investing, but also the passion we receive from our members, makes all the difference.

So how can you get in on the profits? Right now, we have applications open for new members to join the Inner Circle program. Registration applications close August 28, 2018. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, and let us help you build your future, together.

– Dutch

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