Why Philadelphia is the City You Should Be Investing In.

Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love. There’s a lot to this historic city and for Tax Auction Investors its one of our favorites to invest in.
So what is it about this city that keeps us coming back? No it’s not the cheesesteaks.
Philly is primed to be one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. in the next 10 years.
With demand for homes in area like New Jersey and NYC going to an all-time high attention is starting to turn over to Philly’s incredibly reasonable housing market. In some areas you can get a townhome for 50k. Compare that to Manhattan where the average house will cost you 1.2 million.

If you go into Philly these days you will see how active the construction business is around town. For TAI it feels like we are mind readers because we have predicted this a long time ago. Our East Coast Chief Dory lives and breathes Philly and with his help TAI holds a massive real estate portfolio worth millions (and growing) in the city.

The value in real estate isn’t just in the soon to be scalding hot real estate prices. Philly also has an incredibly potentially valuable tax auction. If you know how to work your way through an auction and learn how to do your homework, an auction can have you taking away a property that cost you a fraction of its value. Hey maybe even two!

So come and check out Philadelphia. There’s lots to see and lots of chances to invest well here. If you need any help we are here for you.

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