Are You A Loser Who Can’t Win The Game Of Money?

Imagine you lost. Your loved ones couldn’t see you. You failed to reach your dreams. And you were trapped under the thumb of people telling you what to do for the rest of your life.

Missing retirement is just like that. And this time-sensitive replay gives you the solution to finally be able to retire:

5-Step Retirement Process

Today’s insight came to me from my childhood. Growing up in Iowa taught me how so many people put themselves in bad spots, financially.

I remember when I’d see old man Walker during summer with his charred maple wood tobacco pipe and white high knee socks wasting money each day at the 5 and Dime store on frivolous stuff.

Each day I’d see him because I worked at the Pizza Hut across the street. He would just spend money for no apparent reason and it baffled me.

Then, when winter came, old man Walker was the same person who didn’t have enough money to buy oil for heating his home. I’d hear about how he would be out begging to borrow money from friends because he didn’t have the cash to enjoy a warm home.

That was sad. I didn’t understand why he didn’t simply save his money in the summer and enjoy a warm home in the winter. Some people never quite get that lesson though, until it’s too late.

What I’d like to help you avoid is ever being at in a position where you have to rely on the generosity of friends and family to provide for you during your later years. This training class was held which taught how to overcome financial shortfalls — in both cash and cash flow — so you can have an abundant retirement.

We are keeping the replay up for a short time longer, here: 5-Step Retirement Process

I’d highly suggest you watch this video now because it gives you the keys to make money at tax auctions by getting properties, often for the cost of the outstanding taxes alone.

See what its all about now, right here: 5-Step Retirement Process

To your retirement freedom,

– Dutch

P.S. I’d personally feel pretty down on myself it I had been offered the solution to an abundant retirement and didn’t take it.

Go ahead and win the game of money with the answers given to you here:

5-Step Retirement Process

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