How To Find The Perfect Real Estate Attorney

Know how to find the perfect real estate lawyer? Watch the step-by-step process to seek out the best attorneys!

We have lawyers in many different states across the country that we use, but it’s never an easy journey. However, there’s a step-by-step process I’ve figured out that helps narrow down which attorney I want to work with.

After you’ve compiled your list of real estate lawyers you want to research, you will find those that offer free consultations, and those that charge a fee. I tend to stay away from the ones that charge an initial fee.

Next, I write up what I think about a situation and compose a brief synopsis. I draw up the details on how I believe this certain scenario should be handled, and then I ask each lawyer on my list to see what they think about the situation.

Then I start to uncover the ones who know what they’re talking about and the ones that don’t.

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– Dutch

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