Post Auction Walkthrough In Philadelphia PT.1

Check out PT. 1 of our video series as Dory Mendenhall conducts a home inspection walkthrough of a tax sale property we recently purchased at a Philly auction!

This house was for sale, but they couldn’t get clear title which meant they couldn’t sell the house, so it went to the tax sale.

That’s not uncommon in Philadelphia, when you get properties that are nearly a century old, and they’ve got three generations of errors involved from the previous owner where they never legally moved the title along, so it gets pretty complicated. It gets very difficult to do real estate there for that reason sometimes.

We headed to the property right after the auction in order to have the property secured before we headed out. As you can see in the video, the electrical was done cheaply and it’s run on the exterior, which is something that doesn’t fly with us.

There’s a drop ceiling, and there are many things that people do to hide problems with their home when they don’t fix it properly. Another example is a brick house with vinyl siding which is almost always a red flag because you don’t know what’s going on behind there.

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– Dutch

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