Does Having Money Make Life Easier?

I look at my life and I look at the opportunities that came to me as a kid. I saw that there was colleges, and sports camps, private lessons, and experiences that were available to other people.

However, these were not available to myself because I grew up very poor. As I grew my own family, I looked at my own children and what advantages my kids are going to have.

My son, Tony, is only 2 years old and he has already got $15,000 put into a savings account for him. My goal is to buy a home for him by the time he is 5 years old.

Some of the greatest things are created by those that have complete financial freedom. For my kids, they’re probably going to be financially free by the time they reach 18.

I’ve heard the cliche that money doesn’t make life easier and parts of that I agree with, but some of that I completely disagree with.

The bottom line is if my kids get sick, they can get the best healthcare and the best assistance in the world.

If you’re reaching retirement, a proper savings will definitely make life easier and more comfortable for you. If you have to reduce your lifestyle, if you can’t afford proper medications, your quality of life just isn’t the same.

Watch this video as I explain why you can create some of your greatest life experiences with wealth.

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– Dutch

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