Squatters Rights Law

Did you know that squatters have rights? The legal name for squatter’s rights is “adverse possession.”

Squatting is a term used for somebody who occupies a property that legally belongs to someone else when that owner hasn’t given them permission. Squatter’s rights is an assertion that someone is entitled to own land after they’ve been squatting there, according to USLegal.com.

Squatters are something we deal with regularly in the tax auction business, but it’s likely nobody else tells you about them.

From my experience, the best thing we can do is try to connect with them. What I’ve found over the years is our best bet – although it may sound crazy – is very effective.

I actually get them to stay in the property while it’s vacant so they can act as a type of “security” against other vandalists, burglars, etc.

Then, when it’s time for rehab and my team and I need access to the property, I just politely ask them to move out with a few hundred dollars.

This method usually works and I’ve had success utilizing it in numerous counties across the country.

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