How To Invest When You Don’t Have A Ton Of Money

Best way to do the business if you don’t have a ton of money –

• Save up wherever you can and put aside 10% of every paycheck
• Partner up with another investor but make sure you do your research to find the right partner
• Find a distant market to work in and start a remote operation
• Learn alternative real estate investing strategies that can work in your area even if your preferred tax investing strategy is not a viable option
• Get a partner that already has established resources in a hot market and invest with them

And for those of you that have credit damage, start calling your credit reports. Start calling the credit companies disputing the things on your credit you don’t want on there, such as hard inquiries or late payments or different things, where you’re caught up and they shouldn’t be on there.

Hope this information helps and feel free to call us at 909.344.5272 when you’re ready to get started!

– Dutch

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