Nailing Down Your Rehab Decisions

Check out this video as Mike Walker breaks down all the details about fixing your property! From hiring skilled vs unskilled labor, deciding what’s a need vs want, and then how to budget accordingly!

There are numerous decisions to be made and many of them need to happen before you even get to the property itself.

First you need to decide if the work can be done with general laborer, or does it need to be completed with a skilled, licensed contractor.

When using a general laborer, they may be on the lower end of the pay scale, but they have certain limitations. They may not know all the rules and regulations, local codes, they can’t pull permits or perhaps even know when one is required.

On the other hand, although using a licensed contractor may cost more, it will save you far more trouble in the long run and there are many more advantages. They have insurance so if they make an error or mess anything up, you can hold them liable.

Is this going to be a high-end rehab where a lot of money is spent on lavish fixtures? Or is this going to be a rental and can we get away with standard appliances to make sure everything looks decent and functions?

Watch the video above and see what other helpful tips and tricks we have in store!

Hope this information helps and when you are ready to get started, text “AUCTION” to (909) 344-5272 and we will be right there to assist you!

– Dutch

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