Secret Insider Tips And Tricks At The Auction

Want to know how You can win BIG at a tax auction? Then check out this video as I reveal the Secret Insider Techniques!

To start, I always go in with an intention to buy a property.

Before the auction even starts, we’re driving properties, gathering intel, getting everything ready to go.

Once at the auction, there are two very critical times to get the buy:
1) At the beginning of an auction. Many times people aren’t quite ready to buy or take action. So if you jump on that first property, that can be a great time to buy properties.

2) At the end of an auction is also a great time to buy properties. Sometimes people get tired of waiting and so they leave, while other times people have spent all their money and don’t have more cash to outbid you.

I’m never the first one to bid on an auction because once somebody starts bidding, others will start “sizing you up.” There are times when I’m the only one bidding on a property, but when others are bidding, I let everybody else get bidding, and I watch everyone else’s body language.

Another method I use is spike bidding. I wait for the 0 and 5 marks and then I like to break the rhythm by spike bidding.

I also make sure to use a max bid sheet which keeps all my notes organized neatly so during the auction, I’m not flipping through a stack of papers like I’ve seen others struggling with.

Check out this video for more useful tips on how to win your property at the auction!

Hope this information helps and when you are ready to get started, text “AUCTION” to (909) 344-5272 and we will be right there to assist you!

– Dutch

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