Tax Auction By The Numbers & Bonus Bundle

Let’s be honest. When you get into this business, the learning curve is fast and furious. The number one thing that happens to most investors is that they get overwhelmed and quit. They don’t know where to find the contracts so they quit. They don’t know where to find the auctions so they quit. They don’t know how to evaluate properties so they quit. Instead of chunking this thing down piece by piece, they try to tackle the demon all at once and get overwhelmed and confused. I won’t allow that to happen to you so I have thrown in a lot of these extras so that you can fight that little voice inside your head that keeps telling you that this stuff is too hard. So there are really no excuses that are good enough to detour you from getting from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Remember the order at which to tackle this:

Start with the “Building Generational Wealth” book
Then complete the “Tax by the Numbers” book
Jump into the Bonuses and get to work

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Hottest Tax Deed Markets

Do you want the contact information for the business development departments, support teams, investor networks and other various resources for 3 of the top real estate markets that we invest in with our students? Then click the button below to get your copy for free now!

Business Development Departments
County Resource Information
Local Support Teams
Investor Networks
Funding Sources

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Pre-Auction Profits

Bidding at the auction can be a very tedious process at times. Especially when it turns into a machismo affair and it is you bidding against the next person and it becomes a game of ego or spite, as opposed to a game to accomplish the mission you went there for. What if I told you there was a way to avoid all of that and still have a chance to pick up these wonderful properties before they go to auction? Would you be interested? Then you definitely need to join this training!

Week 1: How to find the deals and owners
Week 2: How to evaluate and negotiate with homeowners
Week 3: How to check the title, do the paperwork and close
Week 4: What to do with the property
Multiple Bonuses!

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Home Study Course

Want your very own copy of our Home Study Course? Over 20 hours of instruction on exactly how we invest in Real Estate with Tax Deeds. It’s the exact system we’ve used to purchase over $10m worth of properties at 40% of market value.

Immerse Yourself In Over 20 Hours Of No-Fluff Training
See The Top 3 Markets We Invest In
Learn From Our Coaches & Industry Leading Experts
Get Real World Examples & Tactics That We Use Every Day

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